GPS Functionality

GPS or Global Positioning System, is a device or system that can be used to information the user where he is here on satellite-based earth's surface. To be able to identify where a person is given the tools it needs a GPS receiver which receives signals sent from GPS satellites. The position on the change becomes a point known as waypoint. Waypoint in the form of points of latitude and longitude coordinates of the position of a person or a location is then displayed on the screen on an electronic map. Data sent from the satellite in the form of radio signals with digital data. Wherever you are, then the GPS can help indicate the direction, as long as you see the sky. GPS service is available free of charge, did not even need to pay anything except buy a GPS receiver. GPS receiver module shaped and generate NMEA data containing position data. GPS receiver itself contains several integrated circuit (IC) technology is so cheap and easy to use by everyone. Examples of GPS receivers currently on the market is the Garmin 10x. GPS receiver module has the characteristics of the data can only provide information on the position but were unable to send data over long distances. Therefore, we need technology to transmit data remotely through the Internet. The technology is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).

At present GPS is implemented on many people's lives. For example, use on aircraft, ships, cargo car. In addition, GPS can also be used for the benefit of individuals (personnal tracking systems), for example, used as vehicle tracking.
In general, the use of GPS, among others:

  1. Supports the application of GIS (Geographic Information System) includes monitoring (monitoring), tracking (tracking), pemandauan (guidance).
  2. GPS as a means of digitizing the earth.
  3. GPS function to correlate the data.
  4. GPS is an auxiliary device analysis, because the GPS uses information as a key position to analyze, make inferences, or decided.
After experiencing growth, the GPS currently widely used to meet human needs such as:
  1. Navigation system in ITS (Intelligent Transport System). This system can be implemented on a police patrol car, train, ambulance, taxi, car delivery (Courrier).
  2. As an ocean transportation navigation systems.
  3. In the world of the military, GPS is widely used in tracking the troops and equipment. In addition, GPS is widely used in the enemy's reconnaissance forces.
  4. GPS is also used in monitoring forest fires.

Garmin 10X


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