How does GPS work ?

Each region on the earth's surface is covered by at least 3-4 satellites. In practice, each new GPS can receive up to 12 satellite channels at once. Clear sky conditions and free from obstruction to make the GPS can easily capture the signal sent by satellite. More satellites are received by the GPS, the accuracy provided will also be higher.

How it works GPS logically there are 5 steps:
  1. Use calculation of "triangulation" from satellites.
  2. For to calculation of "triangulation", a GPS measure distance using the travel time of radio signals.
  3. For to measuring the travel time, GPS needs require a high time accuracy.
  4. For to distance calculation, we must know with certainty the position and the level of a satellite in orbit.
  5. Corrects final delay time signal must travel in the atmosphere until it is received receiver.

GPS satellites revolve around the earth for 12 hours in a precise orbit and transmit signal her information into the earth. GPS receiver mengambl that information and by using the calculation "triangulation" to calculate precisely the location of the user. GPS receiver compares the time signal transmitted with time signals received.From the information that can be known how many satellite distance. By calculating the distance range of GPS receiver can perform calculations and determine the position of the user and display the electronic map.

A GPS receiver must lock the signals from at least three satellites to calculate the 2D position (latitude and longitude) and track movement. If the GPS receiver can receive four or more satellites, it can calculate the 3D position (latitude, longitude and altitude). If it can determine the position of the user, then the GPS can calculate other information, such as speed, direction of the destination, route, destination travel, destination distance, sunrise and sunset and many more. GPS satellites transmit information in time so precession because the satellite, which is using an atomic clock. Existing atomic clocks on satellites jalam with atomic particles in isolation, so as to produce an accurate clock than the usual hour.


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