GPS for Mountain Bikes

You have a hobby of using a mountain bike adventure. You sometimes get lost during an adventure which is caused by not knowing the direction. Do not be confused, it turns out there are tools that can assist you in an adventure that you lost. Device is GPS Bike. According showbikers GPS Bike can be installed easily.

Installation is easy to make GPS Bike Tracker as your bicycle accessories. GPS Bike Tracker has internal GPS and GSM antenna. Taking advantage of tracking features and stop engines for motorcycles, this device can capture the signal GPS / GSM / GPRS network.

Here are the features that are owned by GPS Bike Tracker :
  1. Chipset SiRF Star III / JRC Chipset, reliable to know the position even in areas with a weak GPS signal though. Works well in bad weather conditions.
  2. Module GSM / GPRS, supports dual or quad-band GSM 900/1800 MHz (850/1900 Optional)
  3. Support SMS and GPRS TCP connection.
  4. Get the coordinates via the handphone SMS, or login to the server for tracking via GPRS.
  5. Portable, small size. Power consumption is small, automatically turn off the GPS in a state of silent vehicles more than 5 minutes (sleep mode)
  6. Turn off the machine with SMS commands.
  7. There is a spare battery, lasted 5 hours after release from the power supply vehicle
  8. Automatic detection of key contacts on, stop charging the battery when the vehicle stops. Make the battery last longer.
More information about GPSbike can be found here.

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