Building a Diversion of the Vehicle Monitoring Application - part 1

In this article createonlinemap try to give examples of applications created by utilizing the GPS receiver module. The application was given the name of the vehicle monitoring application fraud. The application monitors the vehicle fraud is web-based application that serves to monitor the presence of a moving vehicle, so that can determine whether the vehicle was used as appropriate or not. Move in the understanding of geography is the transfer point of view position coordinates to the coordinates of one another. Applications stored on web servers which serves as a GPS Tracking Server. Computer monitors will connect to the web server address to be able to position objects.

Applications built using the digital map display which is taken from Google Map. Map Google Map is our program through the API (Application Programming Interface) available to display objects that represent position of moving objects / GPS Tracking Device. Object position information taken from the MySQL database where the data is always updated by GPS Tracking Device periodically. As a result we will have the effect of moving each time we refresh the data and displays it on the map Google Map. Vehicles are considered perverted if:
  1. Vehicles exit the work area that has been determined.
  2. Vehicle speed exceeds the maximum speed limit that has been determined by the agency / company concerned.
  3. Vehicles used outside working hours the company / institution.To find out vehicles that deviate from the work area that has been determined by the company / agency, the necessary features geofencing.
Geofencing (restriction area) was used to analyze the position of vehicle automatically and report the vehicle when the exit or entrance area geofence previously been determined by the user. Areas such geofence is a virtual area that limits a particular location. To find a vehicle outside or in any area used mathematical formulas geofence.

0 = c + bx + ax2

For articles on geofencing can be seen in a later article. A simple example application monitoring and diversion of official vehicles you can see here.

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