Cheap GPS from Kogan Technologies EziNav

GPS with this minimalist feature called Kogan Technologies EziNav. You can get this GPS at an affordable price. Although the price is cheap but that does not mean that these products in the category of cheap goods.

Kogan Technologies EziNav casing made ​​of plastic material. By using this gadged manufacturer of plastic materials can lower the production cost for this gadget could be marketed to consumers with cheap price. But clearly this does not lower the casing quality standard features that must be owned by a guide-way devices. Standard features that must be owned by the gadget guide direction is peed camera alerts, Bluetooth, and the ability to play multimedia files. Regarding the bluetooth connectivity features, this EziNav works well too. The quality of sound devices, when used as a handsfree pretty decent, although still sounding a little buzz.

With a width of 4.5 inches touch screen and menu system fairly easy. EziNav This work uses SiRF Atlas-III processor that is able to present the performance of GPS that is reliable for day-to-day operation. And it was proven on quite quickly and accurately capture signals by satellite navigation devices. Of the dead, only takes about 3 minutes for it until ready to use GPS to find locations. With the price of U.S. $ 170 you can get the guide direction of technology from Kogan.

In brief, the features of Kogan Technologies EziNav are as follows:
  • Type: GPS
  • Processor: SiRF Atlas-III
  • Memory: 64 MB + Secure Digital (SD)
  • Operating System: Windows CE
  • Display: 4.5 in TFT touchscreen
  • Interface: Headphone Jack, USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 22 x 125 x 83mm
  • Other Features: MP3 Player, Bluetooth
  • More information about Kogan Technologies EziNav can be found here.

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