System Requirements Needed to Build the Diversion of Vehicle Monitoring Applications

Before building monitoring application, there is need for systems that must be prepared. System requirements are used to determine the needs of the needs of whatever is needed to realize the proposed system,include hardware, software and brainware. For each brainware diversion system has characteristics different uses.

The hardware needed to build the monitoring system diversion of vehicles are
  • Module GPS Receiver: Garmin 10x.
  • Computer server.
  • Client computer.
  • Mobile which supports Java and has a bluetooth feature.

Because the application is web based, then the application can be run by flatform all operating systems. So this application can be run on Windows OS, Linux OS and mobile phone operating system. This application can be run with requirements if the OS platform has a browser to display interface. In addition, there must also internet connection. The software used in building applications / systems are
  • Operating system
  • NetBeans 6.5 (J2ME)
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Apache Web Server
  • Google MAP to view map

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