Garmin Astro 320, Dog Tracking System

Garmin has named its latest GPS tracking system for dogs after the cartoon dog. Garmin Astro 320 can do mapping of the real position your dog. The system is a bit strange to me. It is aimed at hunters, and can carry a lot of dogs at a time.

Each of these dogs have to have your own necklace and GPS Astro 320 unit can track up to ten of the dogs neck while carrying up to nine miles on flat terrain. The handset has a color screen that can be read in direct sunlight too. The strange thing about his system is good for me would be to have his hunting dog nine miles away? If you can train the dog to turn on the GPS when it sees prey, perhaps with the dog so far would be a way to hunt. The Astro 320 is $ 649 (USD) with a single collar.
source : technabob

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