InstaMapper, Tracking Application From Android

InstaMapper GPS tracker is a Tracking Application Android-based device that uses GPS. InstaMapper work Real Time independently on the cell phone-based Androide. InstaMapper very easy to use way. enough to create a free account. Registration takes only a minute or two. All we ask is a username, password and valid email address. Then install a small application on your phone with GPS. When you run the application, periodically sends your GPS coordinates to the servers InstaMapper. Access your account InstaMapper, and you will see your phone's current location plotted on an interactive map from Google. The map is updated automatically every few seconds.

If you want to share your location with friends and family that lets you embed a map with its location on a web page, blog, or on your Facebook profile. Historical data can be organized into tracks and export in a variety of formats.

Features are owned by such InstaMapper :
True real-time tracking
With InstaMapper, in order to track a moving dot on a map. Positions are updated as frequently as every 5 seconds.

Lots of storage
We give you access to the last 30 days of location data (up to 100,000 locations per device).

Access to raw data
Stored data can be exported in KML and CSV formats and accessed programmatically via an API.

Location sharing
By default, the account InstaMapper is protected by a password. If you choose to share your location with others, we offer several options:
- Send a link to a map to your location.
- Have you found a map on a website or blog.
- Embed a map with your current location in your Facebook profile.

Historical data can be organized into tracks, which can then be exported in a variety of formats and share with others, such as built-in maps.

Mobile interface
InstaMapper Your account can be accessed from most mobile phones. In the browser of your phone to

Position buffering
While you are out of coverage, up to 100 positions can be stored in phone memory for your path is interrupted. To know the workings of this Android GPS tracker. You can try the demo on the link instamapper

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