MyNino, Application Tracker For Child

MyNino is GPS tracker for child. MyNino tracking application is developed in order to track a child's use of smartphones. MyNino ie friendly application platforms. Applications of parents and children can be on different platforms such as Android smartphone, BlackBerry ®, iPhone, Windows, Symbian or J2ME.

As first release MyNino is released for Android and BlackBerry ® Smart phones. The child needs the application to be installed on smartphones child and the parents' request on smartphones parents. Applications MyNino tracks your child calls, SMS (incoming and outgoing) and GPS * remotely. The application, once properly configured send SMS of the Child calls and current location details for Smart Phone of the Parent on a web server. The Application has two versions: Parent application and Child application. Implementing child needs to be installed on smartphones Child and sends the call and SMS reports (incoming and outgoing) to the parent application through the web server via GPRS or WIFI. The application of the Child is masked, password protected and runs in the background.

General feature List for child application :
  1. Children from the application sends the report to the web Server3 at regular intervals, as established during configuration.
  2. If the child's team is off or in the range of Internet connectivity in the interval of time - the web server to send notification messages to the parents of the application.
  3. Children of the application is running in masked and the user sees a photo gallery of all images stored in the My Pictures folder - so the child is not aware of the activity of the applications you do not want him / her know.
  4. The tracking software  is password protected for 100% security.
  5. The tracking software runs in the background so you can drain the battery.

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