GPolyline Function on Google Map

Google map is an appropriate means to create digital maps. By using the Google map you are given the ease of map-making process. One of the Google Map feature used by the designer of the map is GPolyline. GPolyline function on Google Map is make the points between the coordinates, of the points are later connected to form. 

Google Maps API can receive input coordinates in formats degrees latitude and longitude degrees, minutes and seconds without knowing the signs positive for North latitude and east longitude, while for South Latitude and Longitude West used a negative sign. Please note that Google Maps uses WGS'84 reference ellipsoid, so the data entered must also coordinate using WGS'84 as ellipsoidnya. As an example we will try to create a polyline Indonesia border. Where the Indonesia border have boundary points in the coordinates (7 ° 46'06 "N, 95 ° 33'06" E), (7 ° 5'48 "N, 96 ° 36'30" E),(7 ° 08.05 'N, 96 ° 36.5' E), (6 ° 21.8 'N, 97 ° 54.0E). GPolyline then the script used to create the boundary line is as follows :

var indothai = new GPolyline
([new GLatLng(7.768333,95.55167), new GLatLng(7.085556,96.60139),new
GLatLng(6.352222,97.9),new GLatLng(5.95,98.01806)],"#ff0000", 1);


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