5 Free Android GPS App For Kids

Android is now not only be enjoyed by adults, but now that Android can be enjoyed by kids. Android developers have created applications that are comfortable and safe enough for kids. A practical application such as monitoring phone device such as Android GPS app. The Android developers also made a free application that helps kids to learn. Here are 5 free Android GPS app for kids :

1. Learn About The Sky
Kids can use the Android phone to see the stars. I came across this application called Sky Map, which is an astronomy application for Android users.

2. Use Wikipedia To Plan A Field Trip
This application might also work for a long road trip and kids want to take a quick detour to take a break. Kids can check the entries closely and see if there is an adventure worth taking the kids on it. And yes, Wikipedia can be fun. GPS upcoming events for children are some ideas for fun. That can be educational, but the curve is to obtain fresh air, exercise, and have an adventure.

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3. High Tech Follow The Leader
Kids could make a cool game out of it. Ask someone to make the journey to record and play follow the leader and have all the others try to follow the same path. Depending on the route taken, this could be interesting.

4. GeoPhoto Hunt
Use My Maps Editor for your Android phone and set up a hunt Geophoto. My Maps tab in Google Maps allows kids to customize their personal maps. My Maps Editor, which is free in the Android Market allows kids to change your personal maps on the fly with your Android phone.

5. Create Your Own Geocaching Adventure
Take that last idea one step further. Ryan just did an article on geocaching with your new Android phone, so do not go into it again except to say that kids can take that idea and make your own customized geocaching adventure. That is a free Android GPS application developed by Android developers for the kids.


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