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How to choose a great GPS Tracker for the activity? That is the question of when it will decide to buy a GPS Tracker. Choose best GPS tracker for your activity is not an easy job. Everyone has different needs and different tastes so what could be the best GPS for you may not be the same for someone else. However, some GPS models stand out from the crowd, due to a combination of features, style and price. We have assembled here a list that is essentially the Editors' Choice Best GPS devices. It's hard to go wrong with these models. The order of this list is just the latest product in the first place, is not an absolute rank.
  • TomTom 740 LIVE. The TomTom 740 Live has hit the streets, addressing many issues we’ve had with previous TomTom devices.
Best GPS Tracker

  • Garmin NuLink 1695. The nuLink 1695 is Garmin’s latest entry into the SIM-connected pnd market. While it has it’s roots firmly planted in the nuvi 1xxx line, it grabs some of the latest features from Garmin’s flagship 37xx series. Combining a 5″ widescreen, live Navteq traffic, Bluetooth, an expanded package of nuLink services.
  • Garmin Oregon 400t. Touch screen devices finally arrive for the masses with the Garmin Oregon series. The 400t comes loaded with Topo maps covering the USA (in 1:100,000 scale) and features an interface similar to the innovative Colorado series.
  • Garmin Nuvi 265WT. The Garmin Nuvi 265WT might be your dream GPS. Perhaps the biggest reason to consider the 265WT is the included lifetime traffic reporting system.
  • DeLorme PN-40. Following the success of their first handheld/screen based GPS, the PN-20, DeLorme has now started to ship the PN-40. While much about the PN-40 is the same, what has changed is almost entirely for the better, and will leave PN-20 owners drooling for the new device.


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