Weaknesses held GPS

In the previous article have been discussed about the usability of GPS and its superiority. In the present article will discuss the weaknesses that are owned by this monitoring device. By knowing the weaknesses in the GPS device, then we can optimize the functionality and usability of GPS. Among the weaknesses are as follows :

The first weakness is owned GPS endanger other countries. State geographic easily monitor other countries, it is possible to conduct a military strike. For example, dropping a missile right at the base of a country. Location certainly is a military base can be known through GPS system.

dangerous of GPS

The second reduction in privacy. Users of vehicles equipped with GPS will always know where he had gone. So also is experienced by users of mobile phones with GPS systems. For most people, this is quite disturbing and troubling.

GPS can invited crime. Most Indonesian people still consider a GPS device as an object which is expensive. No wonder, for those who intend evil, a device like this can invite crime.

The fourth is the GPS can be dangerous to the driver of the vehicle.
GPS can indeed be used as a guide when he was on the highway, but it makes the driver's vehicle is out of focus and concentration is broken. Risk of any accident could happen. Often the lack of valid information in the GPS so that the actual road conditions with the condition of roads in different GPS.

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